Nurse Activism Think Tank

2020 Nurse Activism Think Tank

We are thinking, talking, and planning for a Think Tank in 2020. Stay tuned for more!


2019 Activism and the Art of Nursing Think Tank

We know that nursing is an art. We know many of you are artists. We want to explore the idea of the art of nursing and the connections between art, activism, and nursing. So save the dates – July 13 and 14 in Augusta, Georgia – and sign up here ( to stay in the loop. More details to follow. We are very excited and hope to see you this summer.


Hello friends!

I hope everyone is doing well! I continue to grow more excited about our shared time together!


We will be using the Peace and Power process to guide our time together. I thought we could use Slack to start unpacking those ideas. Sign up and then hop on to introduce yourself! The PEACE part of the Peace and Power process is an acronym that stands for Praxis, Empowerment, Awareness, Consensus, and Evolvement. Let’s start this thing up by talking about Praxis.

Vanessa and I will be hosting some Radical Nurses Fireside Chats, in the lead up to and during our Think Tank – if you have a topic you’d like to talk about, please let us know and we can make a plan.

I’ve attached the information that I have at this point about campus accommodations. I will continue to pursue and update this information via email and slack (will make a separate slack channel for folx to follow on this.

Assignments for next week:

  1. Log into Slack!
  2. Review Peace and Power Blog
  3. Think about your art – what do you need here for us to make things happen?
  4. Locate your fab 50-100 yard length of something knittable for bringing along

Talk to you soon! Please reach out if you have questions.

In solidarity –


April 28, 2019 UPDATE

I am very excited about the approaching Activism and the Art of Nursing Think Tank. As with past Think Tanks, this time we will share is OUR time. We will use the Peace and Power Process (check it out here: to guide us. There is no agenda or proscriptive outcome for our time together. The objective is to make space and time to think, individually and collectively, about our activist work as nurses (outlined on the Radical Nurses blog: If you are interested in writing a piece for Radical Nurses, either about your own activism, by way of introduction to the think tank, or after the think tank, please let me know! We would love to have you!

Because there is no predetermined outcome for our Think Tank, I would like to invite you all to begin thinking about what Activism and the Art of Nursing means to you. When we gather, we will spend some time unpacking this idea on our first day together.

Please also begin thinking about if/how/what kind of art we could begin together. This is the beginning of a conversation, the think tank, and so there is no pressure to complete anything we start in a single weekend. I am a knitter and I would love it if each of you would consider bringing a 50-100 yard length of something knit-able, whether it is yarn or fabric or something else. I know other on this list who are knitters too and I am hoping to combine many hands in this idea. I am also willing to teach anyone who wants to learn!

Consider introducing yourself to the group by email – I have not yet come up with a way to facilitate this directly, so I am all ears if you have a suggestion. Jump into the twitter conversation using the #ActivismAndTheArtOfNursing or #RadicalNursing (or both) and introduce yourselves there too!

You will start receiving Think Tank emails more frequently now. Some of the emails will have “homework” for you to begin thinking about before you arrive. Please please please let me know if I can help facilitate in any way. I am still waiting on detail confirmation from the housing office and will share ASAP.

In solidarity,

Jess (

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