An Open Letter to Senator Maureen Walsh

Important and factual rebuttal to Senator Walsh.

That Salty Nurse

twatwaffleDear Senator Walsh,

I am a Nurse.  This morning I was greeted by a  headline that read,

“Senator states that nurses ‘probably play cards for a considerable amount of the day’ in amending rest breaks bill”

Stunned by the headline, I read- and then re-read -the article.  I was dumbfounded that a legislator would make such an ignorant statement and thought that perhaps your words were taken out of context .  I took the time to locate and watch the video of your speech, given in front of the Washington State Senate.  I wanted to be sure that I understand fully what, exactly, you were trying to communicate.  You see, because I’m an responsible adult and a professional,  I believe that I need to have all of the facts before I weigh in on a subject.  As a nurse, I’m guided by the principle of do no harm.  Your words…

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