Using Our Collective Power for Good.

It is uncontroversial to me (and to us here at Radical Nurses) that kids get their basic needs met. This includes food, hygiene, a safe place to sleep, and THEIR PARENTS. Children – in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA – are being interned in camps, sleeping on concrete floors, denied access to their parents, caring for babies younger than themselves.

Y’all. I cannot abide. This is not congruent with our code of ethics or our professional obligations as nurses.



Silence is complicity. We saw Wayfair workers walk out in solidarity, protesting the unethical partnership of their employer with detention facilities engaged in child internment. Nurses are four million strong and together, we can make the same kind of impact. Death Nurse has proposed a seminar and grading scale that we as nurses can use to leverage our collective power to encourage our orgs to take a stand on the detention of kids.

Check it out. Pick five orgs. Contact them. Figure out where they stand on this issue. Encourage them to support #LightsforLiberty. Then grade them based on their support of the cause. See Death Nurse for more details.

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