Inaugural “Nursing Solidarity: A Story Circle” This Thursday

Please join the Radical Nurses Collective and California State University, San Marcos, Ethnic Studies Program, this Thursday, 11 June 2020 at 7:30PM EST for our inaugural Nursing Solidarity: A Story Circle (click link to register). Featuring five nurse storytellers who will share with us their reflection on current events.

We ask our storytellers, and we ask you, to consider these three questions:

  1. How has being a nurse informed your understanding of current national events?

  2. How do you see your professional role interacting with the current challenges that we’re experiencing in the country?

  3. What is your role as a nurse in these times?

We appreciate our storytellers: Dr. Anna Valdez, Walden University, Dr. Shena Gazaway, Augusta University, Patrick McMurray of PatMacRN, Robin Cogan of the Relentless School Nurse, and Jerry Soucy of the Death Nurse, for their time and willingness to share part of themselves with us, the listeners. We recognize storytelling as both art and activism.

Our hope is that Radical Nurses around the country are inspired to organize their own Nursing Solidarity Story Circles on themes and issues relevant to their communities. We aim for collective support and an opportunity to share how nursing identity and political consciousness collide during this painful and profound moment in our nation’s history.

In solidarity,

Vanessa, Jess, and Dr. Jason Magabo Perez

Featured Photo by Joshua Hanson on Unsplash


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