Announcing Nursing Mutual Aid 2020

"International Women's Day" by giulia.forsythe is licensed under CC BY 2.0  As you all know by now, we are all in the midst of a global pandemic. For most of us, daily life as we know it looks a lot different, marked with uncertainty, isolation, and anxiety. This is punctuated by failures of the structural and institutional protections theoretically... Continue Reading →

Us and White Supremacy

On this day of remembrance of the birthday of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. I wanted to share an Instagram site I follow called #meandwhitesupremacy where you can find over 6000 posts by a diverse group of people who are committed to anti-racism, and teaching white people how to talk about race and how to... Continue Reading →

When Holiday Convenience Harms Us All

As a nurse, I know the impact of workplace injury because our profession routinely has among the highest workplace injury rates in the nation. I also recognize that the strength of local businesses, retailers, and farms contributes to the health of my community. Amazon's business model seeks to "disrupt" old economies, in turn this harms its workers, cripples local economies, contributes to consumer waste, and supports some unsavory entities, all without paying a single penny in federal taxes.

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