Critical reflection on nursing sheroes

The legacy of midwifery and public health nursing all-star, Mary Breckinridge, solidified my decision to attend Frontier Nursing University’s nurse practitioner program. Her development and implementation of a nursing-led program to care for rural and underserved communities in rural Kentucky, based on her research of public and community health programs in Scotland, England, and France,... Continue Reading →

A Personal Philosophy of Nursing Education

Nurse education is the foundation for both professional nursing practice and critical nursing thought. This speaks to the immense responsibility and influence nurse educators may have in the development of our profession. Today, we share the work of nurse educator Jennifer Castleberry, reflecting on the components of her philosophy of education. Mindfully reflecting on our... Continue Reading →

How much is enough?

There is a puzzling thing that happens for many of us when someone seems to notice that something we are doing or have done deserves notice. I have experienced this myself - when a representative from the American Nurses Association called to inform me that they were giving me a “Human Rights Award.” My response... Continue Reading →

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