How nurse practitioners can expand abortion access

Vanessa Shields-Haas, co-creator of the Radical Nurses blog, this week published the article, "How nurse practitioners can expand abortion access" on Kevin.Md. We rarely hear positive stories on expanded access for abortion, however this piece outlines a number of abortion access wins featuring the work of nurse practitioners and midwives. If you are interested in keeping... Continue Reading →

Nurse activists demanding accountability at the border

The Radical Nurses blog was included in the article titled, "This must end now: Nurses Mobilize to protest conditions at the border," by The piece outlines how nursing organizations and individual nurses have forcefully condemned family separations, overcrowding, and mistreatment at the border. The article identifies National Nurses United and the Public Health Nursing Section... Continue Reading →

Call to Action: We Must Stop Racism

It was my patient’s mother who first told me the news. A Black man with mental health issues was being paraded through the center of Galveston Texas on a rope between two horses - the image echoed historical photos from slave history of the United States... Except it happened in August 2019. My first reaction... Continue Reading →

liberating minds, liberating healthcare

The title comes from a paraphrase of Angela Davis - We have to talk about liberating minds as well as liberating society - and captures some of the big, incredible, activist energy that characterized our time together for the Activism and the Art of Nursing think tank. I still need more time to process, digest, and... Continue Reading →

Using Our Collective Power for Good.

It is uncontroversial to me (and to us here at Radical Nurses) that kids get their basic needs met. This includes food, hygiene, a safe place to sleep, and THEIR PARENTS. Children - in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA - are being interned in camps, sleeping on concrete floors, denied access to their parents, caring... Continue Reading →

You Must Read This: NYT article

If you've followed us for a while, you know we've been experimenting for a while with different types of content and how best to connect with other Radical Nurses. Today, I wanted to take a moment to share an OpEd from the New York Times that interrogates the exploitation of professionals like physicians and nurses... Continue Reading →

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