Radical Nurses Interview: Violence Against Nurses

https://www.facebook.com/NPStudentMagazine/videos/428183028035499/ The Radical Nurses participated in a live panel discussion on workplace violence against nurses hosted by NP Student Magazine creator, Dr. Patricia Little. We had a lively discussion about the rates of violence against nurses, myth-busting, and how nurses can work together to advocate for increased protections. We know that violence against nurses is... Continue Reading →

Shining the Light on Violence Against Nurses

Baton Rouge nurse, Lynne Truxillo, died last week after an altercation with a patient. Her death is being investigated as a homicide. Moments like these often inspire nurses to share their stories of violence--the strangulation, sexual assault, or threats made against their life--and the corresponding fallout. Such as being told by supervisors that it would... Continue Reading →

An Open Letter to Senator Maureen Walsh

Important and factual rebuttal to Senator Walsh.

Code Crispy Blog

twatwaffleDear Senator Walsh,

I am a Nurse.  This morning I was greeted by a  headline that read,

“Senator states that nurses ‘probably play cards for a considerable amount of the day’ in amending rest breaks bill”

Stunned by the headline, I read- and then re-read -the article.  I was dumbfounded that a legislator would make such an ignorant statement and thought that perhaps your words were taken out of context .  I took the time to locate and watch the video of your speech, given in front of the Washington State Senate.  I wanted to be sure that I understand fully what, exactly, you were trying to communicate.  You see, because I’m an responsible adult and a professional,  I believe that I need to have all of the facts before I weigh in on a subject.  As a nurse, I’m guided by the principle of do no harm.  Your words…

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LGBT Parenting and Abortion

Radical Nurse co-founder, Vanessa Shields-Haas, wrote a personal health article that was published today in Out Magazine, "How Strict Abortion Laws are Restricting Lesbian Parents Like Me". "Dealing with infertility is hard. Trying to have a baby under my state’s strict anti-abortion laws have made the process much harder...The methods that anti-choice groups employ to... Continue Reading →

Second Annual Black Maternal Health Week

Good morning, Radical Nurses! Today I would like to call attention to the Black Maternal Health Week. April 11-17th marks the second annual Black Maternal Health Week (BMHW) campaign. This year's theme is "Decolonizing Research to Develop Meaningful Policy for Black Maternal Health." This campaign was started by the Black Mamas Matter Alliance, a partnership between... Continue Reading →

Nursology Vanguard

Last week, Case Western Reserve University's Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing held a conference on, "Nursing Theory: A 50 Year Perspective, Past and Future".  Dr Peggy Chinn, PhD, RN, FAAN, the editor of Advances in Nursing Science and the Nurse Manifest Activism Project, shared her vision of the future in her keynote speech, "The Discipline of Nursing: Moving... Continue Reading →

Nurseflash: Updates on Key Legislation

Over the past 30 days, two pieces of federal legislation were introduced that address areas of frequent discussion by nurses, namely the national image of nurses and the inadequacy of our healthcare system. Texas Congresswoman and registered nurse, Eddie Bernice Johnson, introduced the National Nurse Act of 2019 (H.R. 1597/ S. 696) earlier this month, to... Continue Reading →

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